Wells Fargo Hires RBC Financial-Sponsors Banker John LaVoie

Wells Fargo Hires RBC Financial-Sponsors Banker John LaVoie

First American News – Raleigh, NC : Wells Fargo & Co. hired John LaVoie, a banker who covers private equity firms, from Royal Bank of Canada. LaVoie, who’s based in San Francisco, will join Wells Fargo this summer after a period of garden leave. He’ll report to Gary Wolfe, Wells Fargo’s head of strategic-investment firms. […]

Western Sanctions Bite Russian Economy, but Pose Unpredictable Risks


Despite short-term recession and long-term harm, Russia’s behavior may not change, and Western governments face complex potential repercussions. The conventional wisdom until last week was that sanctions had limited influence on a nation state, especially one as large as Russia. That wisdom may need to be revisited. The sanctions leveled at Russia for its invasion […]

Walmart Has Kept Strong Sales Throughout The Pandemic Period And Increased Cost To Boost Its Business

Walmart Withstands Pandemic Blows, Higher Costs to Boost Business by Bloomberg Subscription

First American News LLC-Raleigh, NC: Walmart Inc. is the country’s largest retailer by revenue has helped it navigate higher supply-chain and wage costs, labor shortages, and rising prices. During an interview, the retailer said it expects stronger sales this year. On Thursday Walmart reported stronger sales over the winter holiday shopping season and said it […]